The Most Powerful Ultra Zoom: Olympus SP-590 Ultra-Zoom

Olympus rocks the camera world again. They released the Ultra Zoom camera that has 26x Optical Zoom Lens. Just imagine how far this camera can reach. Even the farthest that you can ever imagine. This amazing camera still has excellent image quality even it is zoomed 26 times. Olympus SP-590 Ultra-Zoom is really a wise investment not just because of its unique features but also the quality and durability of the camera. SP-590 is designed not just for this year because the design really fits for all time. Amazing camera right? Great for outdoors and parties because it has Dual Imaging Stabilization so that you can have sharp shots. Still not convinced? See the more detail features below.


26x Wide Angled Zoom Lens
With the powerful Ultra Compact Lens of SP-590 UZ brings you closer to the action even your so far from it. The Wide Angled Lens helps you capture more in your pictures.

Dual Imaging Stabilization
Say goodbye to those blurry shots with this 2 in 1 anti blur solution and if you have shaky hands when taking pictures? Worry no more because SP-590 has Sensor Shift Image Stabilization which compensates for the shakes.

Advance Face Detection
Has Improved Face Detection which tracks up to 16 faces and optimize exposure for a sharp brilliant portrait pictures.

High Speed Sequential Shooting
Having a hard time taking pics on the movement of a flying bird? Then Olympus SP-590 is the camera for you because this amazing camera can take rapid shot succession in just 1 click. With a burst rate of up to 10fps (3MP).

As soon as the focus is locked, Pre-Capture automatically archives ten frames (3MP) before fully pressing the button to capture the perfect shot.

Smile Shots
Smile Shot detects a smile on your subject’s face and automatically fires off three consecutive shots to capture that perfect smile.

Beauty Mode
In this feature you can remove the unwanted wrinkles that your camera captured.dditionally, make subtle edits, such as slightly emphasizing and brightening the eyes, with a new post-capture feature: Beauty Fix.

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