Fujifilm Finepix z20 fd mostly preferred by many?

When I posted a discussion on a community blogger site entitled "What camera do you prefer on using?" and majority of people who replied on my discussion says that they like Fujifilm finepix z20. I became curious about this digital camera, how come a lot of people say that they like Fujifilm Finepix z20 and because of my curiousity I immediately searched this product of Fujifilm. After I searched the net about this camera I found out that there were some good and bad feedbacks about this camera. Some says that this camera does not possess good imaging qualities compared to other camera producers. When I saw the features and specs of this camera I realized that how come Fujifilm Finepix z20 got a bad feedbacks when it has good features and specs and it is much preferred to use compared to other cameras? Anyway I haven't tried this camera yet and I hope I will be given a chance to own one to know what's within this cute and attractive Fujifilm Finepix z20 fd digital camera.

- 1o megapixel canvas
- Face Detection and Red eye Removal
- "One" Touch Movie Button
- Entertaining Features
- Micro Thumbnail view and "Aero" Body


Finepix Viewer:
FinePixViewer Ver.5.5 Updater for Windows Vista/XP/2000
FinePixViewer Ver.3.6 Updater for Mac OS X (10.3.9 - 10.5.4)

USB Driver:
USB Driver for MTP/PTP compatible FinePix digital cameras
USB Driver for FinePix digital cameras except compatible with MTP/PTP

User Manual


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