The Most Powerful Ultra Zoom: Olympus SP-590 Ultra-Zoom

Olympus rocks the camera world again. They released the Ultra Zoom camera that has 26x Optical Zoom Lens. Just imagine how far this camera can reach. Even the farthest that you can ever imagine. This amazing camera still has excellent image quality even it is zoomed 26 times. Olympus SP-590 Ultra-Zoom is really a wise investment not just because of its unique features but also the quality and durability of the camera. SP-590 is designed not just for this year because the design really fits for all time. Amazing camera right? Great for outdoors and parties because it has Dual Imaging Stabilization so that you can have sharp shots. Still not convinced? See the more detail features below.


26x Wide Angled Zoom Lens
With the powerful Ultra Compact Lens of SP-590 UZ brings you closer to the action even your so far from it. The Wide Angled Lens helps you capture more in your pictures.

Dual Imaging Stabilization
Say goodbye to those blurry shots with this 2 in 1 anti blur solution and if you have shaky hands when taking pictures? Worry no more because SP-590 has Sensor Shift Image Stabilization which compensates for the shakes.

Advance Face Detection
Has Improved Face Detection which tracks up to 16 faces and optimize exposure for a sharp brilliant portrait pictures.

High Speed Sequential Shooting
Having a hard time taking pics on the movement of a flying bird? Then Olympus SP-590 is the camera for you because this amazing camera can take rapid shot succession in just 1 click. With a burst rate of up to 10fps (3MP).

As soon as the focus is locked, Pre-Capture automatically archives ten frames (3MP) before fully pressing the button to capture the perfect shot.

Smile Shots
Smile Shot detects a smile on your subject’s face and automatically fires off three consecutive shots to capture that perfect smile.

Beauty Mode
In this feature you can remove the unwanted wrinkles that your camera captured.dditionally, make subtle edits, such as slightly emphasizing and brightening the eyes, with a new post-capture feature: Beauty Fix.

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Support for SP-590:

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Best Brand of Camera?

There are many brands of camera are already present in the market and most of them claim that they have the best camera and they are the best brand or company of camera in the world. If avid camera fan or photographers will rate brands of camera what will be there choice as the best company of camera in the world who produces excellent quality of cameras. Will your favorite brand of camera be in the top? List your top brand of camera that you know of has the best performance and quality to give buyers what camera will they buy. The number 1 will be your best choice and 5 will be the least from your list.

Fujifilm Finepix z20 fd mostly preferred by many?

When I posted a discussion on a community blogger site entitled "What camera do you prefer on using?" and majority of people who replied on my discussion says that they like Fujifilm finepix z20. I became curious about this digital camera, how come a lot of people say that they like Fujifilm Finepix z20 and because of my curiousity I immediately searched this product of Fujifilm. After I searched the net about this camera I found out that there were some good and bad feedbacks about this camera. Some says that this camera does not possess good imaging qualities compared to other camera producers. When I saw the features and specs of this camera I realized that how come Fujifilm Finepix z20 got a bad feedbacks when it has good features and specs and it is much preferred to use compared to other cameras? Anyway I haven't tried this camera yet and I hope I will be given a chance to own one to know what's within this cute and attractive Fujifilm Finepix z20 fd digital camera.

- 1o megapixel canvas
- Face Detection and Red eye Removal
- "One" Touch Movie Button
- Entertaining Features
- Micro Thumbnail view and "Aero" Body


Finepix Viewer:
FinePixViewer Ver.5.5 Updater for Windows Vista/XP/2000
FinePixViewer Ver.3.6 Updater for Mac OS X (10.3.9 - 10.5.4)

USB Driver:
USB Driver for MTP/PTP compatible FinePix digital cameras
USB Driver for FinePix digital cameras except compatible with MTP/PTP

User Manual

Slim Camera Madness: EX-FC100WE

A lot of slim and cute camera are now coming out in the market and it is well entertained by camera enthusiast. Most buyers prefer to buy those slim and cute camera compared to those bulky ones. They tend to buy those slim cameras due to reasons like it is more handy compared to those big and bulky cameras. Some consumers thinks that because the camera is slim or small it does not have good imaging quality. Well they are wrong! Maybe they haven't tried Casio EX-FC100WE yet.

Casio EX-FC100WE is a combination of slim-lined body and high speed features. This latest camera is thin but you will be amazed with its features. Just imagine this cute camera has 9.1 megapixels and 5x Optical Zoom. Still not amazed with it? Then try to see more features of this camera.

- 9.1 megapixels
- 5x optical zoom
- 2.7" Super Clear LCD
- High Speed Videos up to 1000 FPS
- High Speed Burst up to 30 FPS
- HD Movie 720P
- Slow Motion View
- CMOS Image Stabilization
- Best Shot Mode
- Face Detection

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Windows User
Macintosh User
Product Manual

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Which camera do you prefer? Big/Bulky Camera or slim/thin camera?

Camera now a days comes from different sizes and models. Some are small and thin but some also are big and bulky. Some camera enthusiast like big camera but some do like thin camera because it is a bit more handy compared to those big ones. If you were given a chance to choose between the two? Which one do you prefer using, the big ones or the thin ones?

Tips on how to select a camera

Photography is one of the hottest craze not just in the Philippines but in the whole wide world. Many people are asking on how to start on this field, like choosing the best camera for there photography and gadgets that they need to start. Experience photographers can give tips on how to become successful in this field and suggestions on what gadgets do they need to buy on starting there own photography specifically on what camera is best fit for them and things they need to do in starting.

In this article photographers can leave tips and suggestions to become successful in the field photography.