How Good is Casio EX-Z150?

The EX-Z150 camera from Casio is slim and stylish camera and it comes from 5 different colors, Red, Pink, Silver, Green, and Black. You can choose from any colors you like. This little camera delivers a great quality picture. Just don't judge this camera because of its structure which is slim. Even this slim camera produce an excellent imaging quality.

- 8.1 megapixels
- 3.0 inch LCD
- 4x Optical
- You Tube Capture Mode
- Face Detection

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- Driver|Firmware for Macintosh
- User Manual

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Casio EX-Z100 latest review

Are you a fanatic of Casio camera? Have you ever tried Casio EX-Z100? If not then you better try Casio EX-Z100. This camera comes from 5 different colors, blue, brown, pink, silver and black. You can chose from the 5 different colors available. Of course it depends on what color you like. Casio EX-Z100 is not just designed to look good but also designed to give satisfaction on there buyers or customers. I put the features of this camera for you to know.

- 10.1 megapixels
- 2.7 inch LCD
- 4x Optical
- Compatible with You Tube.
- Auto Shutter
- Face Detection
- Super Clear LCD
- Optimized for EBay

Full technical specs for this camera

- Driver| Firmware for windows
- Driver| Firmware for Macintosh
- User Manual

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Casio EX-H10: Exilim Zoom

Casio EX-H10 camera is one of the Exilim Zoom camera of Casio. It has a thin, compact body, ultra wide angle about 24mm wide, 10x Optical Zoom Lens and Dynamic Photo Functionality. This camera is not just for photo shooting but it can also be used as a Video Recorder and if having problems with digital camera that there batteries suddenly turns low or empty then this camera will be best for you because this camera has 1,000 Shot Battery Life. Have you realized already how great this camera is? If still not convinced then see the features of this camera.

- Dynamic Photo
- Ultra Wide Angle 24mm Lens
- 12 Mega Pixels
- Landscape Mode
- Handheld Nightscreen
- 10x Optical Zoom
- High Definition Movie
- Make Up Mode
- 3 inches super clear LCD screen
- 1,000 Shot Battery Life

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